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Not Your Average 
Coffee House

Kootenay Time

We look out for the ones we love. This outlook defines us. All it takes to join our family is to walk in the door.


Local First

Nestled in the heart of the Kootenays, Buffalo Trails is not your average coffee house. In the Buff, our mind is made up, Simple combinations of quality ingredients equal good food. We are inspired by our valley and we believe less is more. With our home in our hearts, we source what we can from the people we know.  


Farm Fresh

Kootenay Meadows

We are lucky to partner with an amazing local dairy farm. Kooteney Meadows is a family run, certified organic dairy farm located right here in the Creston Valley. They show Their Dedication to the health of their heard and quality of their dairy by using no pesticides, GMO's or chemical fertilizers on their land. The quality of their milk is exceptional. Which is why, at the Buff, we only use Kootenay Meadows milk and cream for all our drinks.  

Stoke Cold Pressed Juice

The folks at Stoke believe cold pressing is the best way to make the most nutritious juice. When juice is cold pressed it means that a hydraulic press has been used to gently extract the liquid from produce without denaturing enzymes or damaging nutrients with high heat or oxidation. They aim to bring you juice with the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes intact. You can trust that their juice is raw, unpasteurized and always organic.

Local Fruit Stands & Farmers Market

Our valley is plentiful and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy farm to table ingredients. During the summer and fall seasons we source so many of our fruits and vegetables from the fruit stands in our valley. The hard-working farmers in our valley are masters of their craft, and it reflects in the quality of their food. 

Kootenay Kombucha on TAP

Kootenay Kombucha is a small batch craft brewery in Slocan Valley, BC. The brewery is built from a passion for health and whole foods. They celebrate the unique way of life in the Kootenays by brewing delicious and potent probiotic herbal elixirs. 

Famous Fritz

Famous Fritz had been supplying exceptional quality meats and service to the Creston Valley since 2005. No fillers, binders, sugars or MSG are added, just quality meat and spices. We use meats from Fritz daily in our chili and soups!

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Family Owned

We opened our Coffee House in 2008, with the hopes to plant some roots in our community. And that is just what happened, as our business grew so did our family. 

"We look out for the ones we love, and we love the Kootenays. This defines us. All it takes to join our family at The Buff is to walk in the door.

Everyone welcome..."

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